Cimento ósseo (JectOs)



JectOs is a synthetic bone substitute and injectable, used to fill or repair of bone tissue.

This product is biocompatible and resorbable.

The product shows 99% of calcium phosphate in its constitution, widely recognized for its effectiveness in respect of bone reconstruction.

His way of application in paste form allows greater mobility and flexibility for easy adjustment of cement in some areas in regular or repairs that require more precision.

There are many biocompatible substitutes used to repair bone defects in orthopedic and anatomical structures, but only those with a constitutional calcium phosphate, can effectively promote bone growth on the surface that are implanted through a physical chemical interaction between bone and graft . This property, known as osteoconductive properties, are easily identified on products that present in its composition tricalcium phosphate or hydroxyapatite.

It was noted that this type of material presented in its composition characteristics similar to bone, thus leading to its biocompatibility through the ability to induce specific biological reactions and are termed bioactive substances.

Sugawara et al (1990), conducted several studies comparing the calcium phosphates and other types of salts used for the purpose of bone substitutes and suggested that they had osteoconductivity and superior biocompatibility. Thus phosphocalcic substances are used as bone substitutes safe and effective and has indicated its use for various types of surgeries.

However, the drawback of this type of filling is in shaping the material so that it can fit into cavities of irregular shapes of the bone, for example, in maxillofacial surgery, where a very precise structures need repair. Where Ject ® differential is in its pasty form of presentation, therefore, easier to be applied and shaped. After a rest time, the product hardens and takes on the form of a compact and homogeneous surface.

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